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When you work with Arlan you can expect to be impacted through our process of uncovering your needs, helping to match you with the ideal individual or slate of speakers, and allowing us to support your event with our Concierge Speaker Services, with no additional costs.

Our approach to working with you, combined with our deep expertise and passion, makes us more than just a speakers bureau – we’re in the business of inspiring wellbeing within our clients’ organizations and among our speaker base, as well as for their audiences and stakeholders in Winnipeg, Canada and around the world.

No matter how you engage with Arlan, we hope to deepen your understanding of wellbeing in ways that encourage lifelong learning, transform the way you work with your team, positively influence your workplace or how you conduct your business, and even change the ways you choose to live your life.

More than a speakers bureau

Arlan Group began as a national speaker’s bureau based in Winnipeg, Canada, and today we have grown into a successful, international, all-inclusive premiere service that provides organizations like yours with not only exceptional and inspiring speakers, but also our unique and highly-customized Concierge Speaker Services for every step of your event journey, from pre to post event.

The Value of Wellbeing

We’re founded on the belief that wellbeing is essential to us all. This culture of striving to create wellness infuses every aspect of our service and drives every message that our speakers convey. This is also why audiences consistently share stories of how their lives have been changed in powerfully positive ways after attending an event that has featured an Arlan Group speaker.
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“We change your experience from a list of ‘have to dos’ to a team building experience.”
– Alana Langelotz


About Alana

Founder Alana Langelotz pulls no punches when asked what she hopes to achieve through the customized Concierge Speaker Services: change the world – one client, one audience, one speaker, one story at a time!

Throughout the stress and unknowns of her career and raising a family while continuing to contribute to community, Alana realized just how far she had strayed from her own integrated sense of wellbeing. Her dedication to restore wellbeing, balance and resilience in her life soon kindled the flame to share her strengths, experiences and knowledge with the world. What started with one speaker who had a similar story has grown into an expansive list of professionals and everyday people who have inspiring stories of bringing all aspects of wellbeing into their lives and the lives of others.

In addition to being the driving force behind Arlan’s Concierge Speaker Services, Alana inspires the Arlan lineup of speakers to grow, live better lives themselves, and realize their full potential. Her generosity, exuberance and relentless pursuit of excellence and wellbeing are gifts she brings to every facet of the Arlan experience.