Financial Services Speakers

Arlan Group and Ro Morrison and Associates (RMA) have always believed in making a difference, even if that means completely redefining how a speakers bureau serves its clients in order to make a lasting impression that produces results.

Through our new partnership, we have identified the most critical challenges for growing your business, partnered with the highest-regarded subject matter experts in the financial services  industry to provide the finest solutions, and then bundled everything into one package to create the most complete and cost-effective program in existence.

By coming together we have combined our years of experience in both the financial industry and in workplace wellbeing. With no added cost, our concierge program streamlines and simplifies the process of finding just the right speaker – speakers who present and are experts on several topics, but choose to work with RMA and Arlan Group to co-author and develop content that is specifically focused on the financial industry.

More than your average speakers bureau – our approach and values: intimate, personal service every step of the client relationship.  We prefer “Person to Person, Human to Human”….   From pre to post wrap-up. We are service oriented; we revolve around championing and attending to each client’s distinct needs, the attendee’s experiences and the outcomes.

In working with you, we will introduce a complete financial services package that can be customized and tailored to your specific needs. Our programs are comprised of leading industry experts recognized for providing the most highly regarded sales, marketing & communications strategies that have accelerated growth and improved acquisition and retention across the industry.

We also understand what it truly means to live and work in an environment of wellbeing; providing a driving force for ensuring that each event program incorporates some aspect of wellbeing into the message and that it is part of the overall client and audience experience.

We will partner with you to easily and quickly construct the ultimate training programs and conference agendas that will put your advisors and managers on the fast-track to successful client acquisition & retention, more effective advisor recruiting, and stronger connections with the next generation.