Stop Creating Bullies in Your Organization

Arlan speaker, Dr. Moira Somers brings an uncommon combination of expertise in neuroscience, financial psychology, mental health, and behaviour change to bear on a wide range of personal and professional challenges. In addition to a speaking schedule that covers North America,… READ MORE

Companies Discover Benefits of Caring for Employees’ Mental Health

This post was originally published in May 2018 by Counseling@Northwestern staff and submitted to the Arlan Group by Colleen O’Day.  Colleen O’Day is a Digital PR Manager at 2U, based out of the Washington DC area. Colleen supports community outreach for 2U… READ MORE

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Four Ways to Provide Employee Mental Health Support in the Workplace

Mental illness in the workplace is a serious issue. According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, mental illnesses cost Canadian businesses billions of dollars due to absenteeism, disability, and lost productivity. They also have a negative impact on relationships at… READ MORE

B.O'Keefe speaks at UFV

Benjamin O’Keefe shares his message at University of Fraser Valley

Arlan keynote speaker Benjamin O’Keefe believes our struggles make us stronger and when we learn how to harness the power of our voice, we can change the world in ways we never imagined.  Recently, Ben had the opportunity to spend… READ MORE

Benjamin O'Keefe

Benjamin O’Keefe, a uniting and inspiring force for systemic change

Benjamin O’Keefe strongly believes in the power of our voices and the ability we have to create change in our own lives and in others’. As a professional speaker, writer and leader in progressive politics, he is able to speak… READ MORE

Jacob Tobia is Redefining Gender in Universities

Jacob Tobia, one of Arlan Group’s extraordinary speakers, is a nationally-recognized writer, speaker, and advocate committed to inclusion for gender non-conforming, genderqueer, and transgender people. Jacob shares their message of gender empowerment and social change and provides the tools you… READ MORE

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Discover New Keynote Speakers and Fresh Perspectives on Wellbeing

At Arlan, we’re constantly on the lookout for inspiring and motivating speakers with real-life stories that will change your life. In this blog we’d like to introduce you to three speakers who have recently joined our roster — a master… READ MORE

Alana Langelotz – Speaker Matchmaker Extraordinaire

Can one person help to make a difference in the world? If anyone can, it’s Alana Langelotz. Langelotz, President of ARLAN Group, started ARLAN five years ago with the goal to get people talking, to raise awareness and create discussion… READ MORE

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Many women spend much of their lives engaged in a deeply frustrating dance with money. I think of it as a kind of waltz, with three basic steps. Step 1. Muster all kinds of ambition and commitment to Deal with Finances,… READ MORE