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When you have the opportunity to work with some of the most interesting and dynamic speakers in the world, you are afforded the opportunity to ask questions about their lives and the messages they share. “The Well” is an ongoing series that provides an intimate look inside the lives of some of our favourite people at the Arlan Group.

This week, we feature Conor Cunneen, who works to improve people, performance and productivity – with a smile!


The Well:    What is your “why”? Why do you feel your message is important and why do you feel it needs to be shared with your audiences?

Conor Cunneen:     My Mission which is I think the equivalent of “Why” is to improve people, performance and productivity – with a Smile.

Based on client comments and evaluations the net result demonstrates itself as improved personal wellbeing and an improved workplace environment. I am privileged to get an absolute buzz out of my work, work that genuinely does make a difference to people.


TW:    What do you feel are the two most important take-aways from your message?

CC:     First take-away: The power of Micro-Goals to improve people, performance and productivity. I take the words of the 19th century English author Anthony Trollope “A small daily task if truly done daily will beat the labors of a spasmodic Hercules” and show how everyone can benefit from intentional “small daily tasks.”

Second take-away: Your Attitude and your Behavior creates your Brand and your Brand determines whether people want to work with you or not.


TW:    Is there a specific demographic or sector that benefits most from your message and if so, how have you seen your message impact the people’s lives and/or work environments?

CC:     Quite honestly, the concept of Goals, Attitude, Behavior which I speak to in The Gift of GAB resonates with every audience. Everyone needs to have Goals to work to. Everyone needs to choose their Attitude and everyone needs to appreciate that their Behavior determines whether people want to work with them and go the extra yard for them when times are tough.

In the space of three days recently, I spoke to a road construction and repaving company (a roomful of beards, beanies and tattoos!) and an oncology conference. The feedback was exactly the same. GAB is a concept that works in every environment and workplace.


TW:    How does wellbeing factor into your own life?  What do you find to be the biggest challenges?

CC:     As a two-time cancer survivor –  “Having had a thyroidectomy and a prostatectomy, I now have a unique Irish condition known as there’s not much left-o-me!!” – I give thanks every day for still being on this planet.

I genuinely believe that Attitude IS a choice and we can choose how we react when times are tough. For instance as a speaker and educator, when I pitch for events, I win some, I lose some. Anytime, I get that dreaded “Conor, love to have you but we’ve decided to go a different direction!” I put the phone down, take a deep breath and ask myself “What do I want my Attitude to be?” It is a powerful question that impacts my wellbeing and everyone who asks it.

I took up yoga about one year ago and I still don’t know if I love it or love to hate it, but I know it’s made a difference to my wellbeing especially as I spend so much time in planes and airports. The biggest challenge initially was to do it outside of a class structure, but I set myself a daily goal to do it for at least 30 minutes every morning before I do anything else. It’s now become such a routine that I get mad at myself when I fail to do it. Then I ask “What do I want my Attitude to be????” AND just two weeks ago, I did handstands for the first time. Now, THAT’s a buzz!


Wellbeing isn’t an end goal, it’s a continuing state of mind and focus, a way of being and thinking that we believe at its heart should drive everything we do.

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