“THE WELL”: Featuring… Deri Latimer

The Well - Deri

When you have the opportunity to work with some of the most interesting and dynamic speakers in the world, you are afforded the opportunity to ask questions about their lives and the messages they share. “The Well” is an ongoing series that provides an intimate look inside the lives of some of our favourite people at the Arlan Group.

This week, we feature Deri Latimer, Expert in Positive Possibilities and Mindset Changer…


The Well:     What is your “why”? Why do you feel your message is important and why do you feel it needs to be shared with your audiences?

Deri Latimer:    I believe that each of us can learn simple strategies to positively impact our well-being – particularly our mental and emotional well-being. Many of the strategies come from the emerging research in neuroscience as it relates to human productivity and happiness.

My ‘why’ comes from losing my father to stress, my young husband to suicide, and my beautiful mother – slowly – to dementia. I believe that understanding our brain helps us make it work FOR us, rather than against us.

This is a timely and relevant topic in every workplace because of the increasing complexity of life. Audience response is overwhelmingly enthusiastic to a message that offers hope, positivity, and possibility.


TW:    What do you feel are the two most important take-aways from your message?

DL:    Thoughts are just thoughts; they aren’t facts. You can (and do) choose the thoughts (story) that will profoundly affect the course of your life.

Reframing negative situations opens up more neural resources for connecting, collaborating and ‘thinking’.


TW:     Is there a specific demographic or sector that benefits most from your message and if so, how have you seen your message impact the people’s lives and/or work environments?

DL:     All audiences resonate with this message because it is a message about the human condition.

Most of the people who are participating in conferences at which I speak are there for purposes of their work. The feedback that I hear continuously is that the strategies I share are practical and applicable to the reality of life today. On top of that, people describe ‘feeling different’ after hearing my message; they experience a shift in how they perceive the possibilities before them.

An email I received today from an association President said “I cannot exaggerate how positively our Forum delegates reacted to your presentation. You set the perfect tone for the entire conference and left a lasting impression on our delegates and staff alike.” Another, from an HR Executive simply said “You changed people.”


TW:     How does wellbeing factor into your own life?  What do you find to be the biggest challenges?

DL:     I practice mindfulness, have an early morning workout regime, and nurture my relationships.

The biggest challenges are common to us all; balancing the high demands of life with the good feelings that come from taking time away from them!


Wellbeing isn’t an end goal, it’s a continuing state of mind and focus, a way of being and thinking that we believe at its heart should drive everything we do.

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