Gary Doer

Gary Doer

Expert on North American Relations | Passionate Leader

Mitch Dorge

Happiest Guy in the World | Drummer for Crash Test Dummies
Kelley headshot

Kelley Keehn

Personal Finance Educator | Financial Literacy Advocate | Best-selling author | Media Personality
Kirsmer headshot

Paul Krismer

Team Engagement Expert | Life and Executive Coach | Author

Deri Latimer

Expert in Positive Possibilities | Mindset Changer

Gair Maxwell

Reinvention Expert | Personal Branding | Story Advocate
Sarah headshot

Sarah McVanel

Recognition Expert | Author | Coach | Workplace Ecosystem Curator

Shasta Nelson

Friendship Expert | Two-Time Author On Healthy Relationships, Employee Engagement & Team Success
Kyle Nobess

Kyle Nobess

Builder of Self-Belief | Film Actor | Writer

Michelle Ray

Leadership & Accountability Expert | Shifting Attitudes
Kevin Rempel smiling

Kevin Rempel

Resilience Expert | Leader In Sport | Mental Health Advocate

Meg Soper

Work-Life Super Booster | Humorist
Jacob headshot

Jacob Tobia

Gender Visionary | Writer | Advocate | Diversity Powerhouse
Tina Varughese

Tina Varughese

Cross-Cultural Communication Expert | Work-Life Balance Advocate

Tim Hague

Educator | Motivator | Parkinson’s Advocate

Paul LaPolice

Locker Room to Boardroom | Team Leader | CFL Football Coach

Dave Davlin

Travelin' Davlin | Storyteller | Entertainer
Lisa Shaw

Lisa Shaw

Mental Illness Advocate & Survivor