Gary Doer

Gary Doer

Expert on North American Relations | Passionate Leader

Mitch Dorge

Happiest Guy in the World | Drummer for Crash Test Dummies
Bruce headshot

Bruce Himelstein

Human Resource Guru | Former Exec. of Ritz Carlton and Marriott Hotels
Corey headshot

Corey Hirsch

Mental Health and Wellbeing | Former NHL Goaltender | Olympic Silver Medalist
Kelley headshot

Kelley Keehn

Personal Finance Educator | Financial Literacy Advocate | Best-selling author | Media Personality
Allan headshot

Allan Kehler

Mental Wellness and Addictions Advocate | Author | College Instructor
Kirsmer headshot

Paul Krismer

Team Engagement Expert | Safety Virtuoso | Author

Deri Latimer

Expert in Resilience and Re-energizing The Workplace | Author | People and Culture Consultant

Clint Malarchuk

Former NHL Goaltender | Mental Health Advocate | Suicide Survivor

Gair Maxwell

Reinvention Expert | Personal Branding | Story Advocate
Sarah headshot

Sarah McVanel

Recognition Expert | Author | Coach | Workplace Ecosystem Curator

Shasta Nelson

Friendship Expert | Two-Time Author On Healthy Relationships, Employee Engagement & Team Success
Kyle Nobess

Kyle Nobess

Builder of Self-Belief | Film Actor | Writer

Keith O’Neil

Mental Health and Wellbeing | Former NFL Linebacker | Super Bowl Champion | Author

Michelle Ray

Leadership & Accountability Expert | Shifting Attitudes
Kevin headshot

Kevin Rempel

Resilience Expert | Leader In Sport | Mental Health Advocate
Meg Soper headshot

Meg Soper

Work-Life Super Booster | Humorist
Tina Varughese

Tina Varughese

Cross-Cultural Communication Expert | Work-Life Balance Advocate

Tim Hague

Educator | Motivator | Parkinson’s Advocate

Paul LaPolice

Locker Room to Boardroom | Team Leader | CFL Football Coach
Sandro Headshot

Sandro Forte

Sharing Simple, Practical & Transferable Ideas to Help Others Achieve Their Goals
Maribeth headshot

Maribeth Kuzmeski

Helping Financial Professionals Build Relationships and Win Clients for Life
Sam headshot

Sam Richter

Teaching You New Ways to Build Powerful Meaningful Business Relationships
Mark Zinder headshot

Mark Zinder

Helping Audiences Understand Market History, Investor Behavior & Financial Trends