Why Arlan Focuses on Wellbeing

Wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do because it is our happiness, health, emotional stability and even the way in which we deal with stress. Every day, we are faced with decisions that will affect the quality of our lives, be it positive or negative.

When working towards a positive wellbeing, there are many types to focus on such as physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or financial wellbeing. These all work together, so finding a balance is key.

At Arlan, our passion is to encourage a better wellbeing for those around us. As a result, we’ve developed a diverse roster of speakers who each embody and focus on the one or several of the five aspects of wellbeing. Whether you are an organization or business looking to improve your work environment, a university finding ways to build a gender diverse environment or a conference looking to inspire change, we can help you to discover a wellbeing speaker to fit your needs.

Physical Wellbeing

Finding ways to lead an active and balanced lifestyle, whether that means scheduling physical activity into your day or choosing to opt in for healthy food options, will encourage physical wellbeing and taking these steps ultimately affects your emotional and mental wellbeing.

Arlan speakers: Tim Hague, Dr. Evelyn Higgins, Christine van der Hoek

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Everyone deals with daily stressors in the work place, at home or personally. Finding ways to cope with stress, mental illness or addiction can be a challenge, but with some guidance and new tools, you can learn to work and think in a much more positive way.

Arlan Speakers: Gair Maxwell, Big Daddy Tazz, Kyle Nobess

Emotional Wellbeing

Emotions affect our relationships, the decisions we make and our productivity. Knowing how to be in touch with your emotions is just the first step towards emotional wellbeing. Once you can identify how you feel, the more you’ll evolve and the happier you can become.

Arlan Speakers: Mitch Dorge, Kent Osborne, Meg Soper

Spiritual Wellbeing

Spiritual wellbeing is about your personal connection to your surroundings. It is becoming content with life, being present in the moment, building positive relationships and finding ways to accept any challenges and changes. As a result, you will be building a stronger physical, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Arlan Speakers: Michelle Ray, Shasta Nelson

Financial Wellbeing

Most of us need stability and security to optimize how we operate in life. Being able to shape and define your own financial success is important in order to gain control and in the end, strengthen your financial wellbeing.

Arlan Speakers: Gary Doer, Moira Somers

Wellbeing is an ongoing lifelong goal and journey. Together we can work towards matching your organization with a speaker that has the tools you need to help you move forward.

Let’s get started! Contact Arlan for more information.

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