Art in Bloom Speaker Series

Arlan Group is excited to be part of the Art in Bloom Speaker Series at the Winnipeg Art Gallery, which will run from October 2016 to March 2017. We are especially excited to announce that Gair Maxwell and Heather Bishop will all be delivering their motivating and influential presentations throughout the series. Other speakers include WAG Director and CEO, Stephen Borys and Hazel Borys, President of PlaceMakers.

As a speaker’s bureau that specializes in health and wellness, Arlan Group is  in the business of inspiring all aspects of wellbeing, including emotional, physical, financial, spiritual or lifestyle. The Art in Bloom Speaker Series provides a journey of personal discovery not only in the creation of a floral design and how nature makes us happier and healthier, but also the opportunity to hear and be inspired by dynamic speakers.

The monthly Speaker Series will start on October 24th and include powerful and motivational speakers from various expertise. They will speak on topics that will make you happier, help inspire you towards reinvention and provide you with the tools needed to help navigate life’s lessons.

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Gair Maxwell | October 24 | 7 PM | The ReInvention Code…Possibilities. Reimagined

Gair Maxwell will motivate you to dream bigger, grow your life, build a career and turn wishful thinking into concrete results. As a reinvention expert and author, Gair’s keynote ­– The ReInvention Code…Possibilities. Reimagined – draws from personal experience and reveals universal secrets of successful reinvention; whether it’s a personal rebranding, a career path that needs changing or relationships that require an overhaul. Purchase tickets to see Gair Maxwell.

Heather Bishop | March 15 | 7 PM | It’s an Inside Job

Heather Bishop is highly admired for her social activism and is dedicated to an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, and socially just world. She has spent the past 4 1/2 decades championing feminism and the environment, and speaking out against racism, homophobia and discrimination of any kind. During her keynote – It’s an Inside Job – you will be ready to take on the world after she shares her story and tools to navigate our way through the lessons we have come here to learn.

To purchase your ticket(s) to the Winnipeg Art Gallery Speaker Series, you can go online or call the Winnipeg Art Gallery at 204-786-6641.
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