Christianne Boudreau: Resiliency in the face of radicalization and extremism

Christianne Boudreau

Arlan recently welcomed Christianne Boudreau to our lineup of wellbeing speakers. Boudreau brings a message of healing and forgiveness to the important topic of radicalization and violent extremism, reaching a diversity of audiences from North America to Europe.

After she lost her son Damian while he was fighting for ISIS in Syria in 2014, Christianne Boudreau began a global mission to examine and vocalize the consequences of radicalization and extremism. Her story wakes us up to the fact that no one is immune to the impacts of extremism and radicalization, no matter how far removed from the action your workplace, kitchen, Facebook activity, neighbourhood or child’s school may seem.

Building Community Resilience

In addition to speaking engagements, Boudreau counsels families impacted by radical Islamic groups through Hayat Canada Family Support, an organization that she founded, and coordinates the Mothers for Life network along with Daniel Koehler, providing support for mothers of radicalized jihadis.

Boudreau, and Mothers for Life, is affiliated with the German Institute of Radicalization and De-Radicalization Studies (GIRDS), a transparent network of practical and academic experts aiming to foster the theoretical and practical development of de-radicalization methods, evaluation tools, training manuals, and concepts.

She is also featured on Extreme Dialogue, a presentation of documentaries and educational resources on radicalization and extremism. Extreme Dialogue is available across Canada and is coming to Europe in 2016, giving youth and educators alike the tools to recognize the signs of radicalization to protect themselves and their communities against extremist recruitment movements.

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