Enhancing wellbeing through self-care

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Leah joined the Arlan Group a few months ago as our Event Coordinator. As a mother who is working from home while raising her preschool daughter, chairing and serving on committees, and volunteering in her community, life can get busy, but she values her “me-time” and understands the importance of finding balance. Looking around at her friends and contemporaries, she found that more than ever, young women and mothers are realizing how crucial self-care is, and are making the effort to find ways to integrate it into their schedules. Working with Arlan and being reminded daily of how important wellbeing is for our overall health has led her to look further into what self-care means and why we should all be practicing it.


Is it just me or is #selfcare popping up everywhere? No – that hashtag wasn’t a typo…it seems as though every time I log into social media I scroll past someone who is touting the benefits of #selfcare. Give it a try. Open your Twitter, your Facebook, your Instagram. Type in #selfcare and you’ll see what I mean…

It looks as though dictionary.com hasn’t quite caught on to the trend yet. I typed self-care into the site, and got this definition: “care of the self without medical or other professional consultation”. A bit dry and boring, not to mention it doesn’t really make the concept sound very enticing. Then I asked google “What is self-care?” The first result that popped up was a definition that seemed to be much more in line with what I was noticing on social media: “Self care is care provided “for you, by you.” It’s about identifying your own needs and taking steps to meet them. It is taking the time to do some of the activities that nurture you. Self care is about taking proper care of yourself and treating yourself as kindly as you treat others.”(Fort Garry Women’s Resource Centre). Now doesn’t that sound better??

Why does it seem as though we need self-care so badly in this day and age? Let’s look at our lives:

  • The world throws a lot at us
  • our community throws a lot at us
  • family throws a lot at us, and
  • we place a lot of pressure on ourselves to do it all.

We might be able to do it all, but should we be doing it all? Maybe we should be doing only some of it, and taking time out to reenergize so that whatever we are doing, we’re doing willingly and to the best of our ability. Based upon the popularity of the #selfcare revolution, people have recognized that we need to take care of ourselves in order to be able to take better care of our families, our community, and our world.

Self-care is an integral part of overall wellbeing. It allows us to tap into ourselves and really understand who we are and what we need to feel emotionally, mentally and physically well. It’s not just about sitting back, feet up on the table in front of the fire with a big glass of wine (despite what some people’s Instagram feeds might lead you to believe!). Relaxing can absolutely be a part of it, but holistic self-care should involve becoming a better ‘you’. This is where speakers like those represented by Arlan Group come in. Instead of just sitting in front of the fire, how about lighting the fire within? This is what Arlan speakers are best at. Their stories, experiences and messages can motivate us to embrace a new state of wellbeing. Perhaps it’s because they give us a different perspective, or maybe they give us the tools we couldn’t find ourselves. Hearing a good speaker can give us insight not only into the way the world around us works, but also how we ourselves work. Knowing ourselves better is self-care, tuning into what excites and emboldens us is self-care, and working on changing ourselves for the better is self-care. Maybe it’s time we all jumped aboard the #selfcare train.  Wellbeing could be just around the corner.

Looking for an Arlan speaker to discuss self-care and wellbeing at your next event? Speakers like Shasta Nelson and Christine van der Hoek can share their unique personal knowledge to help your audience improve their quality of life, and in turn improve their workplaces and their communities.


We look forward to hearing more from Leah in the coming months. Stay tuned for her next blog, where she’ll be continuing to write on the topic of wellness and self-care, and giving us tips on how you can incorporate it into your own life.


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