Four Ways to Provide Employee Mental Health Support in the Workplace

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Mental illness in the workplace is a serious issue. According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, mental illnesses cost Canadian businesses billions of dollars due to absenteeism, disability, and lost productivity. They also have a negative impact on relationships at work and can lead to poorer performance and lower employee engagement.

If your organization does not already make employee mental health a priority, now is the time to do so.

Four immediate measures you can take:

Provide Mental Health Support

Companies can provide employees with resources to address mental health issues. From health insurance that includes benefit coverage for therapy to a vast array of online tools, options are available for organizations to proactively support mental health in the workplace. Making this a priority can help remove the stigma and other roadblocks to seeking support.

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Promote Regular Physical Activity

Physical activity can help reduce stress, boost energy levels, and put us in a better mood. Encourage your employees to get moving. Some organizations hold monthly activity challenges (How many flights of stairs can you walk in a week? What department can log the most steps on their fitness trackers?) Other options include: Subsidized gym membership, walking meetings, standing desks, and lunch breaks long enough to squeeze in a yoga class.

 Encourage WorkLife Balance

Welcome to the digital age where you can tap into work anywhere you’ve got an internet connection. There are certainly benefits to this, but there are also challenges. It can be hard to turn off the professional life and focus on the personal with email alerts and other reminders buzzing about us constantly.

This can translate to increased stress levels. Encourage staff to use their vacation days, leave on time to catch their children’s school events, and enjoy their weekend without checking in. Don’t forget, your leadership team should set the example that it’s okay to turn off work at the end of the work day.

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 Talk About It

The best way to remove the stigma of mental health is to bring the conversation out in the open. If you need a good excuse to get a dialogue going, consider this: May is Mental Health Month. There’s no better time to set up corporate workshops, presentations, and conversations. If you need help getting connected with the right speaker, we can help. 


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