Leadership & the Empathy Equation

Gair speaking

21st century leaders readily agree it’s a supreme asset to surround yourself with people who are loyal, hard-working and responsive to change.

There is always room on any team for those who willingly pitch-in, run extra miles and turn on a dime so quickly, they give back spare change. 

One of the secrets for any leader dedicated to shaping that environment is recognizing the role played by empathy.

There’s nothing soft about empathy as an essential quality of leadership. 

 The U.S. Army’s Field Manual on Leader Development insists empathy is crucial for high-performance leadership. Empathy is a quality we all possess, but whether we possess the courage to display it is another matter. But, is it possible that becoming a more empathetic leader could provide another benefit that extends far beyond the need to band together like brothers and sisters on any battlefield? 

 Discover why the power of The Empathy Equation can also provide vital information for making better decisions and more effective long-range plans on this edition of Leaders & Legends. 

 “Human beings are made up of flesh and blood, and a miracle fiber called courage”  GENERAL GEORGE S. PATTON

Described as a shock stick of energy, Gair Maxwell has inspired thousands of individuals to dream bigger, build their brand, and turn wishful thinking into concrete results. 

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