So You Don’t Feel Like It? What Next?

Jeremiah Brown

Olympic medalist and expert on transformation Jeremiah Brown knows change and he knows resilience. He also knows the importance of persistence, both in our personal and professional lives.

Think of every life lived as having two sides: there’s what happens on the inside (ie. your internal monologue, managing the emotional ups and downs of life), and what happens on the outside (ie. your day-to-day tasks, working as part of a team, pursuing your goals). I do what I do because I know how hard it is to overcome the inner struggle we all face on our journey through life, and I want to lift up and encourage others. A big part of doing that effectively is getting people to accept that our weaknesses need not stop us from moving forward.

Stepping out of the workplace to hear stories from the ultimate high performance environment of Olympic sport makes for a lasting impression that can shift an entire organization’s perspective for months and sometimes years to come. The key is to deliver those messages with absolute authenticity and to be vulnerable with one’s audience. Each keynote is a unique shared experience between speaker and audience – there’s magic in it.

I’d like to share one self-leadership lesson and story from an interview following a keynote I delivered to a mixed audience of managers and executives working in energy, finance, agriculture, technology, and services industries. Check out it out here:

With every industry facing change, how do you persevere and take the necessary action when the going gets tough? Knowing that it’s ok to not be ok sometimes is a mindset worth embracing. Accepting that while we can’t see every obstacle ahead of us, we can choose to persist anyways. And when our feelings don’t match our desired action, having faith that the emotions we want to experience will follow the action we need to take.

Olympic silver medallist, world record breaker, bestselling author, former athlete wellness and transition leader at the Canadian Olympic Committee, and transformational keynote speaker Jeremiah Brown is on a mission to inspire people to re-think what is possible for themselves and their organizations in just four years. Contact us to learn more…

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