The Arlan Approach to Concierge Service

It begins with a conversation……

Through our process of uncovering your needs, we learn more about your organization, the theme, the audience, the mission and the goals of the engagement and only then do we provide the speaker or slate of speakers who can provide the outcomes you are looking for. Whether a keynote, workshop or post event program, we work with the highest-regarded subject matter experts, maximizing your return on investment and return on expectations.

We also understand that each company is unique.  Therefore, we offer a customized approach to partnering with you to not only meet but exceed your speaker needs. At no cost to you, our Concierge Services are a perfectly fitted “bespoke suite” of services streamlining the process of finding just the right speaker.  With a process that focuses heavily on the pre and post aspects of the engagement, our goal is to provide the leading industry experts recognized for providing value added solutions and to create the most complete and cost effective keynotes and programs that will put your team, managers and workplace on the fast-track to successfully growing your business.

We are passionate about making the process the best possible customer experience. Whether it’s providing you one point of contact, speaker integrity pricing (we don’t mark up the speaker price) and pre and post event deliverables, we strive to build authentic, long-lasting relationships with our clients.

At Arlan Group, we also understand what it truly means to live and work in an environment of wellbeing; providing a driving force for ensuring that each engagement incorporates some aspect of wellbeing and that it is part of the overall client and audience experience.

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Our Concierge Speaker Services

Our Concierge Speaker Services team provides top-notch service that is personalized, attentive and reliable.

We provide one-on-one  support so that the organizer, audience and speaker are taken care of every step of the way.

Uncovering what’s right for your audience and event

Before we recommend any speaker, we’ll clarify your needs, listen to your concerns about what needs to be addressed at your gathering or event, and only bring forward what’s meaningful and relevant for your consideration. Some important things we address are:

    • Pacing: Understand that there needs to be a graduated flow of energy for your speaker selection over the entire event.
    • Relevance: Discover what topics are universal and which speakers and subject matter are ideal for specific target audiences within your attendance base.
    • Coordination: Manage the speakers so you’re able to focus on connecting with your audience, stakeholders and/or membership.
    • Price-range: Not every speaker at your event needs to be expensive to be good – a successful event has a balance of more experience, in-demand speakers, with subject matter experts from within your chosen field/area of focus and more diverse and specialized speakers to round out the programming budget for your event.
    • Synergy: Event programs require a subtle yet connective theme, with no duplication of message. They are a form of partnership with all of the speakers working together to achieve your goals.

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Dealing with the contracts, technical and AV requirements, etc.

We’ll sort through all of the paperwork, providing bios and photos, working with the speaker(s) to customize their presentation and content to your audience, developing the right hook/titles for their presentations and proofing and finalizing them for your event program – whether in print or online. We’ll also navigate and administrate all of the speaker’s contracts, ensuring the specifications and content are aligned with the program we’ve designed and what you need each of them to deliver. If required, we can also work with your on-site personnel or suppliers to ensure the venue agreements match your programming commitments.

On-site speaker coordination, technical support, troubleshooting, etc.

For those who want to be able to focus on managing their attendees and key relationships during their events, we offer an additional on-site support and management of your entire program of speakers, recognizing that some of these may be pros and others may be sponsors or specialists from among your stakeholder base. We ensure the production/technical team has all of the presentations – that they are working right, are consistently displayed and sort out any glitches as they arise. We ensure there’s no unwanted drama for you that day, so you can concentrate on what matters most to you and trust that professionals are truly taking care of every facet of the audience’s experience, from sun-up to sun-down.